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Story Telling in the Magical Woodlands of Rydal

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Families will sit around a cosy, relaxing fire with delicious hot chocolate and be introduced to the magical woodlands surrounding them! We will access families' storytelling abilities that are inspired to create using beautiful surrounding objects and teachings that draw them into the forest.

What's Included

What's Included

We will provide marshmallows and chocolate digestives so your family can toast them on the fire to make S'Mores.

We will provide delicious, rich hot chocolate to drink by the fire and water for those wanting something more refreshing.

We will provide pens and paper for your family so that they can get creative and write their stories.

Please ensure you are wearing the correct clothes for the weather. If it's cold, bring lots of layers. If it's warm, bring sunscreen ,hats and insect repellent.


Per person

Per person

School Holiday Activities.



Please arrive to the location five minutes before the experience starts to ensure you are on time.

Story Telling in the Magical Woodlands of Rydal

United Kingdom· 2 hours