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Peregrine Falcon Connection

See and hold Peregrine falcons. Fly the falcons and have one fly back and land on your glove.



Meet Stephen and Dot, a beautiful Peregrine Falcon. Stephen has over twenty years experience of working alongside birds of prey but has conditioned Dot in a new and natural way so that he can release her for free flights around the Lakeland Fells. Interact and relax alongside her in a stunning location and connect to her magnificence. Dot and Stephen can be booked as an add on to the Packhorse Picnic, Adventure and Wellness Day where we will take the horses into the hills and fly Dot from there. It's the most wild, tribal and freeing experience that you will experience in the Lake District and not to be missed. Also, you can book Stephen and Dot separately and meet them either at Full Circle for a show and tell or gather at one of her favourite flying spots in the hills.

Peregrine Falcon Connection

United Kingdom· 1 hour